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Why “Legacy” Vet Care?

I wanted our clinic to have a name that had a true meaning to my family. A legacy is defined as the lasting impact of particular events or actions that took place in the past, or will take place and later define a person’s life. This is where our family’s story comes in:

My grandfather, Dr. Palmer Brooks, started his veterinary journey in 1959. He was well-loved by his community and was known for his compassion, dedication, and his uncanny ability to tell the most amazing stories. He did it all – treating everything from horses and cattle to exotic and zoo animals. He saw this profession as an exciting, fulfilling career that ended up providing great content for that famous storytelling.

My father, Dr. Roy Brooks, saw my grandfather’s love of veterinary medicine and followed suit. He has dedicated his life to this wonderful profession, and his reputation is certainly evident in the loyal clients that have followed him throughout the past forty years. Generations of families have stuck with him, having endless stories of his acts of kindness and willingness to go above-and-beyond for his patients. There is no better shining example of the veterinarian’s oath.

I truly feel blessed to have inherited their love for veterinary medicine. It is now my turn to hold the torch and continue our family legacy. I have been practicing as an associate veterinarian since 2015, but did not yet have a clinic to call my own – until now! With every fiber of my being, I believe I was put here on this earth to help animals and the families who love them so dearly - and that’s exactly what we are going to do. 

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