Caring and Compassionate Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia is the most difficult decision your family will ever have to make for your pet. There are so many factors that are involved in deciding when it's time to say goodbye, and we understand that every patient, every family, and every circumstance is different. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you so that you can focus on comforting your beloved pet in their final moments.

Understanding When It's Time to Say Goodbye

Every patient is different when it comes to declining quality of life. Sometimes, suffering is sudden and obvious, and we are forced to quickly make the decision of humane euthanasia. However, more commonly, there are situations when there a subjective period of slow decline (days, weeks, months) where the timing of this decision is less clear. We don't want our pets to suffer unnecessarily, but we also don't want to make the decision too early and deprive them of any final "good days." 

If you notice any of the following in your senior pet, we recommend scheduling a quality-of-life appointment:

1. Your pet is in chronic pain that cannot be alleviated with medication

2. Your pet has stopped eating and/or lost weight

3. Your pet has chronic vomiting and diarrhea

4. Your pet’s activity levels have noticeably dropped

5. Your pet can no longer stand or walk

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In-Office Pet Euthanasia

Many pet owners choose in-office pet euthanasia. However, they still want their pets to be comfortable for the journey and to help reduce pet anxiety. We can help you make your pet’s final car ride more comfortable by providing you with a sedative that you can give to your pet prior to arriving at our veterinary office.

Once you arrive in our office, you will have the option of choosing how involved you wish to be in your pet’s final moments. If you wish to stay with your beloved dog or cat throughout their final moments, our team will escort you to a private room where you can say your goodbyes and hold your pet while he or she passes.

During the procedure, your veterinarian will give your pet a sedative injection that takes away any pain and anxiety your pet may be experiencing. This injection also makes your pet very sleepy. Once you pet is relaxed and comfortable, a second injection is given that will help them pass quickly and peacefully. Once your pet has passed, you will have the option to either take your pet back home for burial or to have your pet cremated. If you elect cremation, your pet will either be cremated at the facility with other pets (group cremation), or you can elect to have your pet's individual ashes returned to you in an urn of your choosing. We work with a wonderful cremation service called Faithful Friends, and we trust them wholeheartedly.

At-Home Pet Euthanasia

An increasing number of pet owners are choosing at-home euthanasia in order to help their pets be as comfortable as possible and in a familiar environment. There are wonderful veterinarians who have chosen mobile hospice care and at-home euthanasia as their careers. There are several trustworthy veterinarians in the area who perform these services, and we can provide you with their contact information.

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